Basic Hog Hunting

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Sticking to the basics will help you bag more hogs more often!

Basic hog hunting tips and tricks are universal. By sticking to the basics you can get much more reliable results from your outings.

Here’s a couple of simple tips for some early action on some hogs….

Develop a system. Building a process, or system to get your gear in place and your butt in the stand without alot of hassle will save you alot of headaches on those days when you REALLY want to hunt, but just can’t get away on time.

Doing this will cut down on the work you need to do BEFORE you start hunting. Keep a separate bag ready to go hunt with. Keep your gear ready to go, and your hunting equipment close at hand for those short notice hunts.

Be prepared to build blinds where you don’t expect them. And where the animals don’t expect it either. We just set up a new blind in a brush pile this weekend for my sons. The deer and hogs have been crossing 20 yds in front of this brush pile for 2 years now. This year, it’s going to be different.

Preparing yourself for short notice hunts and setting up new stands/ blinds before the hunting season will put you way ahead of the curve when it comes to bagging more game. Deer or hogs.

Use simple techniques. I also set 4 post hole digger holes at the back of our place because I have a large hog rubbing telephone poles back there, and he knocked my feeder over.

It is amazing how well keeping it simple will lead to more game harvested. These techniques are time tested and they work.

I know some of these are basic……BUT they work! When you get the basics down….the rest comes easy!