Changing Weather

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Changing Weather & Patterns


Changing weather usually means changing patterns for wildlife. Hogs are not any different.

For example I went on an Axis Deer Hunt this weekend and the ranch I was on had recently had alot of rain with the little cool front that went through there about a week before.

I hunt this particular ranch mostly for whitetail, but this year I opted for an Axis hunt to mix things up. I haven’t been there in 2 years and boy was it different. The food sources were plentiful, water was everywhere the animals would want it to be. Hunting would be a little tricky for sure. Not like hunting in the “dead” of winter, or middle of summer.

I did see more hogs this weekend than ever before and I thought that was interesting. With all of the rain, they weren’t having to travel to water, and hunting watering holes was not productive. Food was plentiful and everywhere they went. But the one thing that was constant was the feeders.

The young bucks and does were still hitting the feeders 2 minutes before they went off, but the hogs were coming in about 20 minutes later. I haven’t seen this here before and I think it was because of the limited run times they have on the feeders for pre-season feeding. 3 seconds. 90% of the feed was protein mixed with a little bit of corn.

I think the hogs have developed a taste for the protein, and with the wet weather they were all over it. One thing was for sure. The hogs were regular when the feeder was in service and operating normally. The ones that weren’t… action.

So, as I sat there it dawned on me that the hogs are regular because the feed is regular. Whitetails aren’t interested, and are happy picking through the sparce acorns. There aren’t enough acorns on the ground yet for ALOT of the game to get in on the action, and the whitetails are beating them to it.

So, even though the acorns had JUST started falling they were few and far between. And just enough to keep the plentiful whitetail herd happy and away from the feeders. But the hogs were coming in to the feeders because the deer weren’t cleaning them up like they usually do.

Remember there’s more to a changing weather pattern than “what are the animals going to be doing now”. It’s more about how it changes their lifestyle. Who’s feeding on what, and where is it. Or what time is it going to be there. Rain or shine……They will eat at some point and that means they have to move. And when they move, that’s when you want to be there. Whether it’s the moon, the day of week, the temperature, or the rain (Most animals MOVE much more 20 mins after a decent rain stops on my properties).

Knowing the answers to these things is the difference in killing and hunting 😉

You can get details on this style of hunting and many others in the forums.