East Texas Hog Hunting

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East Texas hog hunting is some of the best in the state. There are plenty of wooded areas, creek beds and other natural habitat that hogs love. East Texas hog hunting can be huge here. Most people enjoy hunting hogs with rifles or bows, but there are quite a few people that hunt hogs in East Texas with hog dogs.

There are also plenty of  guides and outfitters, but for those who want to get it done on there own there is PLENTY of opportunity. Trial and error will teach the smart hunter how to bag these guys over time. Staying diligent will prove very useful when hunting hogs in Texas. True, there is no better place to do it some say, but if you are not prepared you won’t be seeing very much.

Hog trapping is usually the most efficient way when seeking to thin out a herd by removing large numbers of hogs at a time. A good trapper can put a serious dent in the hog population in East Texas in little to no time. Permanent hog traps set up in the right location can yield very good outcomes for hog hunters.

The following is a few things I’ve learned about East Texas hog hunting. Most of them the hard way….of course.

Cover Scents For Hog Hunting

Cover scents for hog hunting
Cover scents are important when hunting sometimes, but I have changed my opinion over the years about using them when hunting hogs. Yes, in a perfect world we would all be scent free and not have to worry about it, but my opinion is that it should be possible to get close enough to scent free that it won’t make a big difference.

Using cover scents, hog in heat scents, dominant boar scents don’t mean that you will see game. Alot of the time I have used these scents only to spook hogs out of the area before I even see them.

Here’s how I look at it: Take a hog and make in heat or dominant boar scent from it… Is it from your area? What about it’s diet? Does it smell the same? What are the differences?

Who really knows all of the answers to those questions. One thing I can tell you for sure is that if ANY of those things are “weird”, your hogs will know. They know what other hogs smell like. They know what “fits” and what doesn’t. They have an idea when a “new” hog is in the area. That’s what they do to stay alive. As crazy as it seems, they’re pretty good at picking up on those little details.

Get some good insight and ideas about hunting scent free, and with cover scents here.

Using Raccoon Urine For Hog Hunting

It can be frustrating when raccoons are cleaning out your feeders. There are big benefits, though.

Keep in mind that the hogs on your place aren’t “looking” for your corn. They just happen to find it, then they make a pig out of themselves.

On my place it isn’t for a week or so after the raccoons show up that I will get hogs at my feeder regularly. Unless I’m setting up right on top of a trail. So having some raccoons is not a bad thing.

There are some creative ways you can use this stuff. You do need to get a high quality brand, though.

You can see how I use raccoon urine here.

Raccoon Eradication

Raccoons are a necessary evil on a property. The line is drawn when they start stealing TOO much corn from your feeders. This can put a serious dent in your wallet, and seriously affect your deer hunting and hog hunting as well.

Raccoons on feeder

When it’s time to do something about it there are several different ways you can keep raccoons from tearing up your gear and feeders. I personally take a pretty aggressive approach to this problem.I want to get it over with as quickly as possible and let my favorite hog hunting spot go back to normal without the raccoons.

Getting rid of raccoons around your feeders can take some time and patience, but with the right tools, and the right approach you can rid yoursefl of these pesking critter for  a while before you need to thin them out again. This is how I do it. Of course, there’s always more where they came from but I can go several weeks sometimes without anymore problems.

This is definitely worth it if your raccoons are eating you out of house and home. You can see from the picture on the left (one of my game cameras) that it won’t take long with an entire condominium of raccoons feeder off your stuff for you to go broke with corn!

Keeping raccoons at your feeder has it’s own advantages when hunting hogs too, but for the most part you will want to at least pick off the “climbers”. Check out the other tips and tricks about keeping hogs interested in your corn while keeping raccoons under control at the link I posted above.

Feeder Timing For Hog Hunting

Getting the right timing down on your feeder can be critical when East Texas Hog Hunting.East Texas Hog

Right now I’ve got this big boar coming in to one of my feeders between 11pm and 2am. Like clock work. I know this how? That’s right…..game camera set up.

I added a 12am feeding to get him in a little tighter pattern and keep him coming until I wanted to harvest him.

Just look at the size of this boar! Yeah, he’s a beast! Notice the mud on my feeder leg. This guy knocked this feeder down a couple of weeks before I got this shot.

So, sometimes I set my feeders like this when East Texas hog hunting to keep ’em coming around on a little more regular basis. It helps on my place. The important thing is to find what works for you and start doing it.

It’s very rare that a person can just pick up their gun and go into the woods and shoot a big hog like this. In time, these are the tropy boar that you will be looking for. Something different, bigger and better. With the right approach, you will be able to get there!

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