Feeder Lights For Hog Hunting

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Hog hunting lights for hunting wild hogs at night!

Feeder lights can make hog hunting very productive at night. Hogs are mostly nocturnal and visit the feeders after dark. Using a hog hunting light for the area around the feeder will help you take an ethical shot at a hog.

During the warmer months hogs will definitely get out alot more at night than during the day. Hogs don’t have sweat glands and as a result it is much more comfortable for them after dark. Hogs will move during the day, but definitely not as much as at night.

Because hogs move so much more at night hunters have adapted and developed different methods to harvest them. The most popular method is to use a feeder light.

Using your game camera you want to pattern the hogs according to the times and frequency that they are visiting your feeder. Once you know what times you need to be hunting at night you want to get set up to hunt an hour or two before they are “normally there, and an hour or two after they are “normally there”.

In order to hunt those hogs at night you want to build or buy a good hog hunting light. If you can, you want to get a red or green hog hunting light because the hogs cannot see the red or green light. They can see the light source, but not the light so it won’t spook the game around your feeder.

Building Feeder Lights

There are several different types of feeder lights depending on the type of hunting you plan to do. The hog lights also come in three colors, red, green and white.
Build feeder lights
For bowhunting hogs you want to use a wide angle lense. I call these lenses on the lights “flood lights”. If you plan to hunt from a blind or from some distance with a rifle then you are going to want lenses on your hog hunting lights with a narrow lense. I call those “spot lights”.

Your feeder light should be water tight and tough enough to be bounced around the back of your truck. Today’s lights are primarily 12vdc. I think the reason for this is the availability of the 12vdc feeder batteries and other accessories.

Some people make their own hog hunting lights out of red LED brake lights. They are 12vdc and easy to wire. Just hang them under your feeder and wait for that big hog to come in. I’ve even seen where some guys go so far as to wire motion sensors to them so they only come on when there is movement under the feeder. This is a nice accessory for bow hunting hogs under your feeders.

A real hog light will cost you $100 to $200 depending on the number of lights and total wattage. Adding a photocell to the light really makes it nice for “hands off” control. The photocell will turn the lights on at dark and off at dawn automatically.

If you are really interested you can learn everything you want to know about building your own feeder lights here. You can save alot of money if you want more than one feeder light for yourself or your friends by building your own lights.

I highly recommend buying your feeder lights complete. You get a better warranty, and it takes less time for you to get to hunting with it. A complete feeder light puts you in a position where all you need to do is learn to use it. Nevertheless, everyone still thinks it is “cheaper” to build your own… please use the link above and I will show you how.

Using Feeder Lights

Getting used to using your new hog light can take a little time. This biggest thing I see with hunters and their new lights is scent control. Controlling your scent is always tricky when boar hunting, but taking a freshly painted hog light and new battery set up into the field presents a few new obstacles.

I paint my lights with camo pattern and leave them outside from then on. They even beat around the back of my truck until I get them to the property. Doesn’t hurt them a bit and keeps the scent way down. They do have to “air out”, though. hog feeder lights

I mount my hog lights on trees or t-posts pointed at my feeders, or trails depending on what area I’m hunting. I mounted my son’s on the side of his deer blind because he hunts with a rifle. Each light has a “soft spot”, or best location depending on the type of hunting you are doing.

If you’re bowhunting hogs you want to set your light closer to the feeder. Mounting the light between you and the feeder makes your night vision better, and will help you line up the pins faster for a more accurate shot. I usually set my lights below me and in front of me between my stand and the feeder. Hang your lights on the tree or t-post and just set the battery on the ground.

If you are hunting from a deer blind you have a little further distance tocover. You have two choices depending on the power of the light you buy, and the distance you set the light from your feeder. I mounted my son’s on his blind at 55 yds from the feeder. Using spot light lenses on his hog lights he has no problems seeing the hogs plain as day.

The battery that I like to use for my feeder lights is a small 12vdc trolling motor battery. They usually cost about $50 and will run the lights for a week or more. I also buy a plastic battery box with a cover $7 to set the battery in and just leave it on the ground at the base of the t-post or tree.hog hunting feeder lights

Mounting a 12vdc solar trickle charger on top of the battery box keeps my batteries fully charged. I just connect the batteries when I get in my stand, and disconnect them when I leave.

Whenever I set up the lights, and when I connect them to hunt I spray down the battery box and whatever I touch with racoon cover scent.  I also alternate this method with scent killer.

Using scent killer on my boots when I walk into a stand, and when I set up my lights for the evening’s hunt goes along way toward keeping my game happy and coming in. Develop and use a system that works for you. Alternate your methods with different things until you find one that works for you.

This will definitely help keep the hogs comfortable when they come in to the feeder.