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Super Baiting Your New Feeders Gets Hogs There Quick!

Getting hogs to find your new set ups is always a real trick. You just about have to set your feeder right on top of a trail, or right over a hog wallow to get them to come in to your feeder on a regular basis.

Of course, very little can be done when there are no hogs in the area. Or when there are no hogs that come down that trail on a regular basis. Super baiting your new set ups is a great technique you can use to get your sets going fast and bringing the hogs back regularly. Even trying something like this just by dumping TOO much corn on the ground, or spreading an extra bag of hog wild around your feeder in all directions will yield much quicker results.

There are not enough people that try this on a regular basis because most people don’t really know about this “Super Baiting” technique. This is a real “cook book” recipe, and it works great!

The Technique

Every time I set up a new feeder, I use a technique I call “Super-baiting”. I’ll set the feeder up, and then put everything under the sun around the area. All kinds of “good” smelly stuff. Sweet smelling things work the best. Fruits, vanillas… anything that you think will “carry” on the wind.

Strawberry Jello, Liquid Cattle Feed, Soured Corn, Almond Extract, Vanilla, Cinnamon, and the latest stuff I have found that appears to be working….Grape Flavored Snow Cone Syrup. ($5.00 a gallon at Restaurant supply stores)

The red stuff under the feeder is Strawberry snow cone syrup. That stuff works great and is relatively inexpensive.  After that, I’ll lay out 3-4 thin rows of corn in all directions from the feeder. Like a “web” the strings spread out from my feeder in all directions hoping to “catch” a new hog and bring him in.

My theory is that whatever runs across the corn trail, finds it’s way to the feeder , then finds all the OTHER goodies, and that imprints a positive memory.

Next thing you know, they are regular customers.

The Recipe

I have started a time saving technique by combining all of the previously listed items into 1 sour mix.

To 2 qts. of water I will add….

4 Oz. Vanilla
2 Oz. Almond Extract
1 cup grape snow cone syrup
1 cup maple syrup
1 cup corn
2 Oz. liquid cattle feed
Little cinnamon

Let the whole thing ferment for a week until it smells sour and away you go. It’s alot easier than having to put everything out individually……I’ve got 8-1 gl. containers in the garage now going.

It’s weird, you walk by them and you can hear a ‘hissing’ sound from the co2 escapng from the tightly closedcontainers!

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