Healthy Raccoons

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Raising Healthy Racoons


Its always frustrating when racoons clean out your feeder. Nothing like finding out that you’ve lost 100# of corn somewhere just to figure out it was the dang racoons this month!

There are a ton of things you can try to do to keep the corn bandits from stealing your corn, but sooner or later the little rascals will figure out how to get as much as they can from your set up. Even with your new gadgets.

Raccoons are important in hog hunting though. IF you want to see hogs regularly at your feeders you will have to leave the raccoons alone. The raccoons are typically one of the first animals in the woods to find the new food sources. Hogs know this.

Hogs will follow the raccoon urine scent to the new food sources. Try it. Set up a new feeder and camera and watch what happens. First the birds, then the raccoons and then the hogs. Deer will usually find it before or at the same time the raccoons do.

So, when I set a location I watch for these signs and the timing. My hogs will usually hit the feeder then lay off for a few days. But they only do it AFTER the raccoons have been there.

I have to keep raccoons at my feeders. This helps my hogs find the food source and keeps them more regular. Deciding how many to keep is up to you. Tonight I took a double and then followed up with a single kill right after the smoke cleared. I decided that the raccoons were looking WAY to healthy. I set my count at 5. If i got 5 coons under my feeder lights tonight I was taken them out. So I did.

Also when hog hunting I have noticed that the raccoons come in to the feeder (usually) before the hogs do in the evenings. Alot of the time the hogs will use the raccoons as a “gauge” to decide if it is safe to enter the area. When they do, the raccoons clear out quick anyway.

What I forgot to mention was that I have had a real problem with one raccoon in particular. He’s a real acrobat and cleans out my feeder regularly for the last couple of months. Tonight was the first night I had time to actually sit. The first time in 6 months. So I am hoping that I took out that little acrobat. He really needed to go. I left two for seed so I know there will be more.

And as long as they come in to the feeder, I know my hogs will be regulars there too!
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