Hog Hunting In Texas

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Texas Hog Hunting Tips & Tricks

Hog hunting in Texas is everything they say it is. Heard that before?

Yeah….well it is.

With no set season and no bag limit these guys are fair game year ’round.

Trapping them is probably the most efficient way to remove them from a property if they are causing trouble or damaging crops or fields. You can buy your traps or build your own.

A good trapper can remove 80+ hogs a month from a property and put a SERIOUS dent in the population in a very short time.

There are several BASIC (and I mean basic) things to look for. First you need “hog sign”.

That’s a big sign on the road with a hog in it that says “Whoa….there’s hogs here”.

Yeah…ok….not so funny.

Really you do need fresh hog signs if you want to hunt the area in the near future. Here’s a few tips and tricks for you to try next time you’re hunting hogs in Texas, or anywhere for that matter.

Hogs Love Telephone Poles

What? Think I’ve lost my mind, don’t you.texas hog hunting

Well, next time you’re on a property with plenty of hog activity (that has power poles on it) check out your telephone poles. You’ll be very surprised at the activity you find. Especially if the telephone poles are new and full of good smelling creosote. Hogs can’t resist rubbing against them.

I’ve seen holes around telephone poles from hogs walking in circles rubbing on them that are over a foot deep!

Hogs love to rub against these things because they are trying to keep bugs, and stuff off of them with the smell. I’ve hunted areas that only had a telephone pole, a road, and a barbed wire fence where the game were crossing from next door to come feed and it was very productive indeed.

The creosote in the poles attracts the hogs to them. If you set up your location proper, you can include a couple of extra “rubs” in your line of sight when hog hunting. I have a road on the back of our property that has telephone poles down the side of it and they are full of rubs just like the one in the picture on the right.

I set a feeder near one of the major trail intersections, and bang… I’m hunting hogs. Look for telephone poles and check them for signs of hog activity. That a quick tell tale sign that you have hogs in the area.

How To Handle Hog Meat

Handling the meat from your new hog is just as important as setting up your new feeders and blinds for the perfect shot. You need to be careful how you handle the meat and get it on ice as soon as possible. If it is cool enough to let the meat hang overnight without anything messing with it then, I will do that too.

The best thing to do is to put your hog hunting meat on ice as soon as you can. And keep it there. Let it soak in the water for a few days and “bleed” out some. This will help to take the game taste out of it.

I ice down the meat and add salt to it. When the ice melts I let the meat soak in the salt water solution. Drain the water and replace daily. I usually do this for 4 days before I take it to the processor making sure to keep plenty of ice in there too.

When you do this you want to leave the plug in the ice chest and not drain the water. The water will leach out the blood and the game taste. If you do leave out the plug (or have lost it) just plug it with a rag. Its really not too big of deal, but if you leave it open sometimes flies will get inside. I’ve had it happen a couple of times.

Make sure to keep your meat iced down really well. The temperature should stay around 45 degrees to be safe for processing.

The other thing I do is I will have the processor add some regular pork to the mix sometimes. As much as 20%. It takes the edge off and makes momma a little happier. She still won’t eat it, but maybe someday.

In the end you want your meat to be a very pale color. Most of the blood should have leached out of it. Just change the water out every day and add fresh salt to the water and you will be amazed at the difference in taste.

Add Flour To Your Corn

Flour for Hog Hunting Okay, this one is a little different, but it works great. Get some flour and mix it in with your corn and feed as usual.

You can get damaged flour bags (bleahced or unbleached)from some groceries stores. They get alot of it that is damaged and they can’t sell it. They will sell it at a discount to you.

The guys that use this method swear by it. Flour is made from ground corn and other things and hogs will eat the flour before they will eat the corn. Incredible as it may seem.

Check Hog Traps With Caution

When checking hog traps you should try to keep the area free from human scent. This can turn a productive trap into a FLAT one very quickly.

The best thing I have found is to leave a throw away bottle on the trail leading to the trap. I fill that spray bottle with a little bit of diesel and spray down my boots when I have to go in to check a trap. Just throw it off the trail in the brush (where you can find it again).

Alot of the time I don’t have to go all the way to the trap. This is the best method I have found if you can do it. When you do have to go down to the hog trap to check it spray your boots down and get after it then.

I use binoculars when checking traps from a distance. You can glass them pretty easy and tell if you need to get the truck and hog getter trailer.

These methods work really well for controlling human scent in and around my hog traps. It keeps my traps more consistent and the hogs more comfortable.