Hog Hunting In The Dark

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It Takes A Different Kind Of Person To Hunt In The Dark!

Its a different thing to sit in a deer stand, or tree stand during the winter and take a hog at dusk or early morning.

This time of year it’s hot here in Texas. And that means one thing…..the hogs aren’t moving much during any day light hours.

They’re holed up soaking up shade and trying not to over heat. This time of year we have to hunt them almost entirely in the dark.

It’s different in the middle of the night. Different when you can’t see your hand in front of your own face. Sounds take on different meanings and mosquitos are hungry for sure.

There’s no question you need a good light to hunt with, but you also need a different frame of mind this time of year to bag the big guys.

I focus on moon phases, weather and other external forces of nature. Things I can try to “predict” as much as possible to increase the chances of taking a nice hog.

In general I like to hunt when it’s dark (little or no moon), and before rain, or fronts move through. This combined with the heat will get the hogs moving early in the evening most times and that makes things better for ending the hunt early for me.

With the heat what it is, I have to be extra careful to go in scent free. I bag my clothes, and shower with scent free soap before going. I even wear a beanie of sorts to keep my scent down. When the wind is calm, it’s hot but at least there’s not alot to spread my scent.

A little bit of persitence and patience will pay off nicely this time of year. Alot of dominant boars will move more than normal for new water & feeding locations because of hot or dry weather.

Good Luck!