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Here are some of my hog hunting pictures from successful and un-successful hunts. Game cam pics of my lay outs and set ups as well as some other pics from my properties.


South Texas Corner Feeder

I set this t-post feeder up a week ago. Filled the bucket (approx 35 lb) and set the timer for 3 seconds. Yep. 3 Seconds.

One week later it is almost empty. Now I know why. Time to get out my shottie!

Tip: I don’t mind the coons cleaning out the feeder for a week or two. This area is HOT! Every time I walk into the feeder I have hogs walk up on me in here. The raccoon urine will lead the hogs to the corn.

And you thought there were only two?

Yeah….. 3 FULL GROWN raccoons eating my hog’s corn!! GRRRRR….

I haven’t got any pics of them climbing the t-post YET. I bet one shakes and the other two eat. I’ll find out next week. I set the game cam to 30 seconds. He he….

One more week……I swear. Then it’s gonna get ugly in there. I might have to use the bow. Don’t wanna spook my does, or hogs……

Good news…… Corn works for deer too! These two does are regulars here at this feeder. I sat in my bow stand this last weekend and watched them and their yearlings for an hour.

One has a yearly doe, and the other has a button buck with her.

Darn coons!!! Gonna clean me out before I get my doe tags filled!! grrrr!

Yep…. I think that’s the button buck there in the pick. There’s alot of coyotes in this area too.

I had two come down this trail last weekend while I was sitting in my bow stand.

Just a matter of time before the hogs find the honey hole now….

This is the only hog I had come in to this feeder the entire week. It took almost all week as he was in there the night before I pulled the card.

He’s nice. I’ll be making bacon soon!

No doubt it had to do with the raccoon urine. It really does help them find the feeders. They depend on it to locate new food sources.

Hogs will also use raccoons as a warning device. When the raccoons are nervous the hogs are too.

So…..this is a good sign. Now all I need is the acorns to all go away and the hogs will be in there thick as thieves.

Gonna take out these darn crows too!!! Crows can be corn bandits too!

Just take your shottie to the stand and BANG! Let them bunch up before you pump them full of lead!!! hehe!



Acorn Trail Cam

I set this game cam on a HUGE trail running through the woods. This used to be an old road that cut through the property. We widened it this summer. You can drive a truck through it without a scratch now!

The trail comes right down the middle and fizzles out before it gets to the clearing. The hogs and deer are really thick in there eating the acorns.

I hate acorns!!! ARGH!!

So, I set this cam up. Not a feeder in sight, no corn on the ground, and NO scents or lures of any kinds. Just followed good sign, figured the hogs were in here, and VOILA!!

I knew they had to be somewhere!!! I didn’t have a single hog pic in one week at my feeder!!!DOH! 

I even picked up this little buck getting in on the acorn action. The deer like corn. Its like candy to them, but they will definitely take in the acorns when they can.

Even when it rains alot the acorns will float to the lowest spot with the water and the deer and hogs know this.

Just in case you were wondering where the hog hunting pictures were. I only had this camera on this trail for a few days.

AND I forgot to put the card in it when I set it up…..Too many Michelob Ultras…..hehe

So, I only got 15 pics. That’s it. Probably ran out of memory the next day.

You can see the hogs in the brush rooting up the acorns. To the right of the camera is a fairly large clearing in the middle of the trail. It has Oak Trees all the way around it and the ground is covered with acorns. The hogs have been coming in here for a few weeks now by the looks of everything.

I even spotted and stalked one last weekend. Missed him with the bow. In my defense he was facing me dead on, and I decided to take the shot…..argh!

Front Feeder Cam

This is my front feeder cam. I have set up a blind for the kids on this feeder.

This doe and her yearling and fawn have been regular guests for a few weeks now. If she keeps it up she’s gonna get an arrow from me.

This feeder is set up in front of a hog wallow and there is a wallow right next to it when it rains.

I set the feed up right on a trail that cut across the clearing to the hog wallow earlier this year. There are always hogs here because of that.

I also included a pic of the feeder at night with my feeder lights on. Even with the bright flash you can still tell how much light the hog hunting lights provide at night.

Here’s some of the smaller hogs from this summer’s breeding. They’re getting pretty big now. Just the right size….mmmmm…

Notice the game cam is point too far down and the flash doesn’t carry? Yeah….irritating… I’ve been having this problem with this camera for a few weeks now.

I moved it this weekend. Hopefully the next round of pics is better!

Same camera, same angle. Works good during the day. If you look through the rest of the site you’ll see that all of the little guys were this summer’s piglets…….

Man….they get big FAST!!!!

Notice the hog in the back ground rubbing on the telephone pole? Yep……that’s perfect! Just what the doctor ordered!!!

Attack of the killer Bunny!!

I must admit…. I don’t just hunt this spot for the hogs. They’re a ton of fun, but this guy’s got me all worked up.

Yep. 9 points….. I counted them in person. Watched him for 45min the other night chasing that doe around under the feeder…..

Man, he’s tough!

That’s my boy!

Stock Tank Cam

This place is like a 6 lane highway headed into and out of this tank. I’ve got plans to set up on the bank on the other side with my bow next week and maybe nock up a hog or two….

This tank wasn’t like this earlier in the year. I guess it took some time for the game to get settled in to this part of the ranch.

This area is very much like South Texas. I call it my little South Texas Corner.j

There’s hog tacks, deer tracks, coyote tracks and yes, even cat tracks.

I’m pretty sure we’ve got a big cat running around here. I bumped into her LATE one night. She let out a deep growl in the middle of the sendera and I froze in my tracks.

She shook me up good. I shot at her (missed- crap!) and she crossed the sendera and came half way back and crouched down looking at me like I was food……

That’s when I was SURE she’s a biggun.

These are my deer from my South Texas feeder spot. It is some distance from there, but they gotta get water.

Interesting they’re out in the middle of the day. Good sign they feel comfortable. A little better look at them in the next picture. Good news is that I’ve got some decent hunting when the rut comes in.

Hogs come in here too. But of course you knew that. I would have deer pics on a hog hunting site without showing some hogs.

The hog pics didn’t come out quite as well, though. I’m hoping the next batch is better. I made some adjustments to the camera.

Again, this camera is not set up on bait, or a lure of any kind. Just a watering hole that the game is coming to on a regular basis.

I’ll be setting up on the right hand side this week to see what I can take. I’d like to take a small hog for my new smoker…..

We’ll see I guess.

And yes, I’ve got a young buck coming in here too!

Again….no bait….just smart…. hehe

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