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Hog Hunting Scents & Lures


Recently I have been asked this question quite a bit. One thing I keep stressing to everyone is that it doesn’t matter what scent you use as long as the hogs are there.

Obviously, some are better than others, but if you don’t have hogs, it won’t matter. And on that subject, if you have hogs that are in heat, nothing can compare to the real thing.

Just like us, the nothing can be compared to the real thing. When there is NOTHING else….ANYTHING beats nothing 😉

If you don’t have hogs around, then the scents and lures aren’t going to do a whole lot of good. Hunting won’t be that good anyway, but at least you’ll know why.
Code Blue has a new scent dispenser out that actually heats the scent. I’ve been asked to review it lately and I think its a good idea. The scent actually is more concentrated when heated. Just be careful not to get any on you….yuck…

So, keep in mind when using a lure or a scent to get hogs to come in….if they are not there, it is not going to lure them in. They literally will have to walk on it before they “smell” it. And that won’t guarantee they want it.

There are products they will “want’ when they smell or walk on them, and there are others that are a natural type of lure to them. Realistically, all of them are designed to keep the hog entertained until your trap is sprung, or you make the shot. That’s what they are there for. Use them like this and you will be much more successful with your hog hunting scents.

You can get details on this style of hunting and many others in the forums.