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I’m going to share a few of my favorite tips and tricks for hunting and trapping wild hogs.

Are you ready to start seeing more hogs on your property, or from your stand? Are you tired of sitting for hours and not knowing whether or not hogs will be in there? And what time?

These are common problems with all hog hunters. The trick is to develope a pattern with the hogs so you know when you can expect them.

Even a 4 hour window is better than sitting in your deer stand, or ladder stand not knowing if they willever come.

Hog Hunting Tips: Feeder Location

Hog Hunting Tips: Feeder LocationsHogs don’t look for your feeder or bait. They find it by chance.

Yes, there are factors involved as to whether or not they “want” to find it.

Basically if you have a feeder and there are no hogs, that is because hogs have not “found” your feeder.

Your hunt site should be located in the path a hog would take naturally. On a trail, next to a wallow….etc. I literally put my feeders right in the middle of trails that I want to hunt for hogs. This way I know the hogs will find them. In the picture above you can see that I set this feeder right next to a trail in the middle of a senera. I set it right next to a small wallow that developes when it rains.

Once the hogs find my feed site THEN I’m in business. It usually takes about a week for the hogs on my property to find the site and it is always after the raccoons have found it.

Hog Hunting Tips: Hog Scents

Scents usually only work if a hog happens across it in its search for food or other items. AGAIN, a hog literally has to stumble across it in his search for food, water or sex. If the hogs are not there, it won’t matter a whole lot.

Here’s a post from just last night in the forums about using a new scent warmer:

“Went out and tried it last night. NO HOGS…managed to pour that smelly hot stuff on my shirt….WOW ! It is really hot and smelly….I had a group of friend at the house when I came home… I was not the life of the party until after the shower…LOL !!! Hog Hunting Tips” …..SGT

Much research has been done by myself and other guides on this topic.

Basically, it doesn’t matter what type of scent you are using. If they do not happen across it they are not going to be attracted by a scent they have not been exposed to.

It’s kinda like the tree that falls in the forest and no one was there to hear it. Did it really make a noise?

Visa versa typical hog hunting tips do not specify what type of scent to use either. What should you use? Hog in heat or dominant boar urine.

Hog Hunting Tips: Feeder Lights/ Hog Lights

Get yourself a good hog hunting light to hunt at night with. A good feeder light will make those late night, early evening shots much easier to make.

Hog Hunting Tips: Feeder Lights

My 8yr old son can’t miss with these lights on!

Its like anything…… just spend the money and get a good light. Hunting at night with a feeder light can add a whole different dimension to your hog hunting.

They are small, light and very easy to set up. Most importantly, you won’t regret it. Especially when that sounder comes in to your feeer at 11:00pm and you take a couple of those buggers out.

The feeder light in the picture above is 60 yds from the feeder and about 11 feet off the ground mounted directly to one of my stands. The trees in the background are an easy 75 yds. It’s easy to see why you would want a feeder light. Coverage like this is not unusual.

You can get more details on these feeder lights, or even build your own light with DIY feeder light kits.

Hog Hunting Tips: Jello Additives

As far as hog hunting tips go this one is a gem. Are you ready for my “secret ingredient”? Its easy.

Although a hog will not actively seek out your feeder just because it is a feeder, they will seek out a good smelling food spot. Sweet smelling spots work great.

Ok. If you’ve read this far, you deserve to know. When I fill my feeder I put in one bag of corn, and then dump a package of strawberry or rasberry jello mix on it. Then another bag and alternate like that.

Yep. That’s it. Simple. Smells good. Makes me kinda hungry when I do it and the kids sitting on the tool box say, “Dad, what is that stuff? It sure smells good…heehee”. The idea is the scent will carry through the woods everytime that feeder goes off. I even sprinkly this in the small wallows I want to hunt.

Hogs do like it. They will come to it, and …..BANG…..


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