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Buildinghog trap plans for hog removal or fun!


Hog trap plans are a good place to start if you want to build your own hog trap. Trapping hogs is an art in itself.

There are alot of tips, tricks and techniques that the really good trappers use when trapping hogs.

Building your own hog trap isn’t difficult. All you really need to learn is the little tricks to the doors and setting them up. Of course you need to learn how to put it together, too. That comes with a little time and trial and error.

Hog Trap Styles

There are different styles of hog trap doors that hog trappers use. I like to use the “swing door” style with a spring that closes the door.

This type of trap allows more hogs to enter the trap after it has been tripped. This way you can possibly have the trap tripped with one hog, and two or three more can still make their way in without letting the first one out.

There is also the permanent hog trap with a hog trap front that works really well, too. You can catch quite a few hogs in one of these.

Learning how to build hog traps can be fun and rewarding. It can also put a whole bunch of pork in the freezer for you.

DIY Hog Traps

A good trapper can trap 80+ hogs a year.All your friends and neighbors will love you.

Hog Trap PlansHog trap designs vary, but they all have a few of the same basic concepts. You need a hog trap door, bait or a lure, and a way to keep the hogs in the trap.

The trap doors used most often by good trappers allow more hogs to enter after the first few have been trapped.

Baits and lures used can vary from corn to lures like dominant boar, or sow in heat lures put in drip bags in the pen.

Keeping the hogs in can be a trick.

If your trap doesn’t have a bottom make sure you stake it down. They will tip the trap over.

If the trap doesn’t have a top, make sure you consider putting one on. They will literally climb on top of each other to get out of the trap.

DIY Hog Traps

For alot of people DIY Hog Traps are the way to go. They are fun to build. Don’t cost alot. Can be customized for your place. And you have total control over the project from start to finish.

Hog trap plans can be a little hard to come by. Most are often incomplete, or don’t apply to your style of hunting. Free hog trap plans are tempting, but rarely provide a REAL workable solution.

Hog Trap PlansFree hog trap plans rarely cover the real facts about hog trapbuilding or construction. They hardly ever give you the details or pictures you need either.

The old saying,”you get what you pay for” is true. I’ve put together a good set of hog trap plans that just about anyone with a little mechanical experience can build.

My hog traps work. And it’s not an accident. I’ve built alot of traps in my time. Some good, and some bad.

If you want a good guide to building hog traps, then I highly recommend you check my DIY Hog Trap Manual out.

Or look in the forums. There’s a ton of information there! And help, too!


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