How to build Hog Hunting Lights

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Build your own hog hunting lights!

    Building your own feeder lights can significantly increase your chances of taking a trophy boar. Dominant boars are typically loaners, and they don’t hang around very much during the day.
    Hog Lights, Feeder Lights
    Building a feeder light will help you take that trophy boar the next time he bellies up to your feeder at 1:00am.

    Red feeder lights work the best for hog hunting. You can use the white lights, but you need to make sure they are not too bright. If they are they will spook the game.

    Red hog hunting lights are great because the game cannot see the red light. They can see the shadows on the ground and the light source. So if you have a really bright feeder light just make sure you don’t mount it too close to the feeder.

    I learned how to build hog hunting lights out of frustration. I couldn’t hunt very effectively when the hogs were feeding at my feeder. I was basically going when I wanted to. Not when they were actually there at the feeders.

    My hog hunting lights fixed that.

Advantages of Red Hog Lights

Hog Hunting, Boar Hunting PicturesOne big advantage of using red lights for hog hunting is that is does not dilate the pupils in the eyes. You can still see the red glow of the game under the feeder, but since your eyes won’t dilate like white light this will give you much better “night vision”.

DIY hog hunting lights can be built for a very reasonable cost.There is a learning curve, but it can be well worth it. We use very basic materials available from ANY local hardware store. There are a few special order items, but except for that the rest is really very basic.

These feeder lights are also 12vdc. This means that they can be connected to 12v feeder batteries and trickle chargers can be put on them to keep the batteries fully charged for when you’re not hunting with them. I use deep cycle marine batteries (65 amp hour) to run my lights. They will run a week without a single charge.

Probably the best thing about these feeder lights is the total time from start to field use. It just doesn’t take very long to build your own hog hunting lights. They’re affordable and can be built from parts that are readily available at any local hardware store.

Hunting With Feeder Lights

There are different strengths, or wattages of hog hunting lights you can build when building your own. They are used for different situations.

Feeder light, hog hunting lights

Flood light feeder lights are used for close quarters hunting like bow hunting. A good flood light lense on your hog hunting lights will light up a wider area and give you better coverage on your feeder from a shorter distance.

Spot light feeder lights are used for long range rifle style hunting. Some of these lights can be placed up to 100 yards away from your feeder.These hog lights give you a more focused beam of light.

Each LED light is either 2 watts or 3 watts. So, if you want a 6 watt hog hunting light you either use 3- 2 watt lights, or 2- 3 watt lights. Mine use 2- 3 watt lights.

All of these lights are small enough that you can mount it directly to your blind, or bow stand without much of an issue and hunt with it. I just leave my trolling motor battery mounted to my stand with a solar charger on it and pack my light in and out when I need to.

Free DIY Hog Light Manual- Online

Some hog hunters might prefer to tinker with their own homebrew feeder light set up. Well, thanks to the “other” websites now you can.

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You can build your own hog hunting lights very easily with our DIY hog hunting light manual. This is a full blown manual that shows you exactly how to build hog lights. Where to order the parts and how to do it all and save a ton of money.
Feeder light, hog hunting lights
Don’t be fooled. These are basically the same feeder lights the other guys are selling. The only difference is that you get to put it together and save alot of money.

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