Hunt With Attitude

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Hunting With An Attitude

As I sat in the blind the last day of my early season hunt I was a happy camper. I had 145 lbs of axis meat in my cooler and nothing but time on a cool Saturday morning. No pressure, no hurry….just me and nature.

I had one more Axis doe I could take on this trip, but I wasn’t desperate. Of the 8 hunters that were with me I was one of 3 that had meat by the final morning of a 3 day hunt.

I had a small group of Axis come through my area. By nature they don’t stop and always skirt the edges some 150+ yds out in and out of brush. My doe slipped through the 10 yd wide “hole” in the brush line 200 yds out before I could get a decent cross hair on her.

I was so consumed with the timing of those 4 Axis that I hadn’t even noticed the hogs that were feeding under the feeder along side the young whitetail buck I had been playing with all morning. I was already set for the shot, drawn and ready. Safety was on and all I had to do was drop the rifle a few inches and put the cross hairs on the sow that was feeding with her piglets.

My .270 barked and she was DRT (Dead Right There). I looked up and realized the piglets were panicked and waiting for her to get back up. So….I lined up a little dude and popped him. Then I realized the other 6 or 7 were still standing there on the left…..

Long story short, 3 shots, two piggies. Well I was done. 3 pigs and one Axis buck wasn’t bad for less than 8 hours hunting between the night before,and this morning.

I took care of the piggies, then propped open the stand door, kicked my feet up and turned on my MP3 player on my phone for entertainment for the hour wait to get picked up. Life was good. I didn’t have a care in the world. I was getting back what I had put in to the outdoors right then and there…..

Strangely enough I looked over my left shoulder out the blind door and there, in the middle of the clearing, just standing there looking at me was my Axis doe. Perfect enough for me. 150 yds. Doe down…..

It was amazing. Especially for pre season hunt. Then I realized. Of course it was. After the first two hunts I had sized up my quarry. Then it was down to business. I crawled over a hundred yards on the ground to take my Axis buck the night before.

After that it was a matter of attitude. I was golden. Happy, content, determined, deadly. Nothing beats a good “gonna get mine” attitude in my opinion when it comes to hunting.

Just buckle down, learn what they’re doing and get it done. Works for me most every time. It just took me a little bit to “remember” what it was like to get “serious”.

After that I had to borrow my friends ice chest to get all my meat back. 200+ lbs. I had alot of good luck, but I truly believe you make your own good fortune when hunting. Go prepared. Get serious if you really want something. Then take it for what it is and get it done.

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