Hunting Acorns

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Hunting Acorns

Every year the acorn crop drops and the hogs and deer all but stop coming to the feeders.

I won’t see a hog on my cameras for weeks during this time of year. Last year it was really bad because we had such a good acorn crop from the hurricane.

What I do during this time of year is COMPLETELY switch hunting tactics for hogs. They feed almost exclusively under the trees during this time. So that’s where I need to be. I set at least two stands EARLY, before deer season starts, in these areas where I know the game will be, and where I want to hunt. And then I leave them there.

I will use them when I see the animals disappear from my game cams, or my corn stay on the ground MUCH longer than normal.

I will even hunt hogs early mornings in these areas. These areas where the acorns are will be teaming with deer an hogs during this time of year. It is not unusual to walk up on a group of hogs feeding first thing in the morning on the way back to a bedding area. I’ve done it plenty of times.

So, this tip is to prepare you for the acorns this year. Build, or buy an extra stand and set it in the middle of an oak plot. You’ll be surrounded by wildlife, and very glad you did. Instead of having to scramble to get a new stand up, it will already be there.

It is something you know is coming. It does every year. It is predictable. And the game will absolutely abandon the feeders during this time. Just like they do every year.

So, take advantage of something you KNOW will happen. Then the only thing you need to worry about is the “when”. When is it time to use that stand.

You’ll be glad you did. I bag quite a few more animals each year just by doing this. You will too.

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