Hunting With The Bowlite

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Hunting With The Bowlite Will Change The Way You Hunt!

The BowLite is new to the market of bow hunting lights as of late last year. There are many significant advantages to using a light like this, and the protability and price of this light make it a great deal for hog hunters who do not have permanent stands for hog hunting.

I’ve used one of these on my .50 Beowulf, my .223 Bushmaster, and even mounted one on my son’s 10/22 Ruger for picking off raccoons from the tree stands.

I have feeder lights on all of my feeders. Some use photocells, and some don’t. The surprising thing to me about using The BowLite was that I actually stopped using my feeder lights when its just me sitting down for a quick hunt. I have been very surprised with the output of the light and have bagged a couple of hogs in my spare time since early December ’09.

This product is new to the market and is still evolving. The price point is great in my opinion, because it is cheaper than the other lights on the market and I think it works just as well, only brighter.

The BowLite comes in your choice of White, Blue, Green, or Red LEDs. The advantage is that there are no lenses to “cut down” the light output. Lumen output for The BowLite is impressive, too. White=320 lumens+, Blue=280 lumens+, Green=280 lumens+, and Red=180 lumens. The red light (which is the hardest to produce brightly) will allow you to identify your game through a good scope out to 75 yards when mounted to your rifle.

Trust me, you can count the hairs on a raccoon’s head at 20 yards from your tree stand with one of these. You’ll need to be careful with it, though. It is VERY bright. You will have to practice aiming high and slowly lowering your light onto your target before you take the shot so the shadows don’t spook your game!

Overall, I like this product and will continue to use it. I personally will use it more than my feeder lights. I just use the feeder lights for friends, famiily, and my sons when they are hunting hogs. You can get more information on The BowLite here.

I didn’t expect it, but The BowLite sure changed the way I hunt ;-p


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