Locating Hogs On Your Property

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Locating Hogs On Your Property

Some people aren’t so lucky as to have the time to visit their property everyday and check for hog sign. Those that are, know exactly where to look and what to look for.

I thought I would put together a quick little guide for locating hogs on your property.

As I walked across my camp a few minutes ago I noticed hog tracks running right through the middle of it. Dang it! Why don’t they do that when I here? Uuugh!

They do. Well kinda. I’ve had them come through the pasture right out front of the camp here and we’ve popped them there. They rub on the telephone poles right around the corner from camp all the time. You can see the mud and mess they leave behind when they’re done.

What I look for is good trails. Plenty of water and then look for tracks. When you’re looking for hogs it usually won’t take long to find them. If you find hog scat, you are very close to the bedding area. Hogs will usually relieve themselves soon after getting up from their bedding area.

Water is always a safe bet. Look for small wallows. Areas around the edge of a pond where hogs will come and lay in the mud and roll in it. This will help keep the bugs off of them, and cool them down. They will do this regularly. Mine will do it every evening just before heading off to feed for the night.

Sometimes the hogs will visit a watering hole a couple of times a night. It just depends on how comfortable they feel in the area.

I also look for rubs on trees. Hogs will rub against trees. Some trees are rubbed on so often, they are actually deformed by the rubbing. When you walk the trails, or through the woods keep an eye out for these. They’re kinda like finding scraps for bucks. The same principal applies on place, too. The hogs will travel the “trails” of rubs. Usually the guy doing the rubbing is a “regular” too.

You can get more hints like this in the forums.