Move Over Deer Hunter

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Move Over Deer Hunter!

Move Over Deer Hunter!
I think I speak for all of us when I say I’m ready for some warmer weather. With the ending of deer season and the starting of my annual hog hunting (extended hunting) season come alot of changes.

I’m ready for the hogs to get more “regular”. I’m from down south and I like it 80+ degrees. Hot weather makes the hogs easier to track and to hunt for me. They water….always…. and that means plenty of opportunities for shots.

This season I’m setting up my .50 Beowulf with a new BowLite rifle hunting light. I’m even setting up Nate’s (my son) .243 with a BowLite this season as well as his 10/22 Ruger for picking off those pesky coons.

They have a new rifle hunting light that is going to blow your socks off!! Reportedly it is good out to 200 yards in all colors! We will be testing these :-) and will let you guys know as soon as we do! You can expect some feed back during the month of March….with video 😉

As soon as it starts to warm up (and stop raining) I’m filling the feeders and we’re going to pound some bacon this year! When is stays warm, then I know good, regular hog hunting is on the way for us…..