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New Hog Hunting Guide Website

Well, it’s been almost 10 years since I started this site, and I decided it is probably time to update the template. With this site I have been able to help over 300,000 visitors learn about hunting hogs. I had no idea we would have that kind of reach when I started this “internet” thing. Never the less, I think it has done alot of good, so it’s time to bring it into the 21st century.

Admittedly, I kinda miss the old pictures, and logo but it was about time to do something. Over the last 10 years the internet has changed alot. Everything is more mobile now, and the templates that are available work better in more places than they did before.

So, this update was for the mobile templates that we need today and also to make the site easier to read. Being able to work through the articles should be a bit easier now, and getting to the information you might be interested should be more straightforward.

If you run across a page I am still working on, please have a little patience. Some pages are new, and other pages are being re-built. I’ll have a store here to make it easy to find the products I like to use the most that work, also.

Overall I know I needed to do this for a few years now, and today I finally had a few minutes to actually do it. Thanks for stopping by, please take a minute to share this site with your friends or someone who is interested in learning how to hunt hogs. The things I include here are here because they work. Period.

Hopefully it will be another 10 years before we have to make such a big change again :)