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August 2009

Quick Hog Hunts
I can tell you that one of the easiest set ups I have done for hunting hogs is with a post hole digger. Yes. We’ve all heard the stories about setting up one of these, but let me tell you. They work. And they work well!Read More…..

Locating Hogs On Your Property
Some people aren’t so lucky as to have the time to visit their property everyday and check for hog sign. Those that are, know exactly where to look and what to look for. Read More…..

Recently I have been asked this question quite a bit. One thing I keep stressing to everyone is that it doesn’t matter what scent you use as long as the hogs are there.
Obviously, some are better than others, but if you don’t have hogs, it won’t matter. And on that subject, if you have hogs that are in heat, nothing can compare to the real thing. Read More…..

Feeder Locations
As we start into the hunting season this year I know everyone is deciding where to set their feeders.When I set my feeders…..Read More……