Permanent Hog Trap

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Building and using a permanent style hog trap.

Building a permanent style hog trap is moderately difficult, but not impossible. All you really need for a good permanent hog trap is a good hog trap front, some horse panel, tposts and some miscellaneous stuff to put it all together.

Setting up this type of hog trap can take a little time, but it can be well worth it when you trap 3 or more hogs in it. The first time you do, you’ll be exstatic, I assure you.

Most people start by setting up a bait site for the hogs. When the hogs are coming in to the bait site regularly, then set up a permanent style hog trap not too far from the site, but where you have plenty of room for it.

From there you can move the hogs up the trail slowly, luring them into the trap. Leave the trap doors open long enough for the hogs to become comfortably going in and out of the trap for a couple of night, then set it. Once set the hogs should enter the trap as normal, but this time the trip lever is set to lock them in.

Setting Hog Trap Fronts

permanent hog trapYou can see very quickly why this type of hog trap can be so effective.

Notice how the trip wire travels from the hog trap front to the tree and off to a distant tree stand for manual operation.

Tripping this type of trap manually allows the user to pick the best moment based on the maximum number of hogs in the trap. Timing is everything, and usually worth the wait.

The disadvantages of this type of trap is that there is always the possibility that a hog will jump over the panels. They will even climb on top of each other to get out of a trap like this.

Placing The Hog Trap

Setting permanent hog traps in place can be time consuming, so you want to make sure you pick as good a spot as you can.

Very rarely can you just set up a trap and “attract” hogs to it. It doesn’t work like that. Hogs move along their trails, tending to their own business. This is where you need to start. Bait them from a trail, and them lure them up to your trap from the trail over the period of a few days, or a week.

permanent hog trap

Luring the hogs to the trap and allowing them to come and go freely for a few more days will give them security, or confidence that nothing is wrong. Then you can set your hog trap front to trip.

This will maximize your efforts and the number of hogs you can catch because there will most likely be more in there.

The young hogs will always enter first. The older, wiser ones will take some time. Set a gamecamera outside in front of the trap front to watch what the hogs are doing and how oftern they are coming in to your new trap.

Baiting Your New Hog Trap

Baiting the hogs, and baiting your trap are equally important. It will do you no good to get your hogs to the front of your trap if they won’t go in.

corn arrow hog trap front

Corn is the best all around bait. Some people cannot use corn, so they use lures, or scents. This works just as well.

People joke that the corn arrow is required, but it does work. I think it actually might have something to do with the process in which hogs eat the corn that leads them through the hog trap front.

Not really. It does seem to work better than not using it though. Notice the corn on the inside of the trap and how it is not piled up for easy eating. Once the hogs are inside, you want them to stay there a little while. You want them comfortable in there.

Some hogs are trap shy, or trap smart. It is going to be hard to get them in there. And if they have little ones, they will educate them too!

So, once you’ve got a group of hogs in the trap. You don’t want to just let them out. They’ve been educated. You need to have a plan to deal with whatever you trap. Be prepared.

I talked with a young man a while back that told me the first time he and his buddy set up this type of trap they caught almost 40 hogs in it. They didn’t know any better so they killed and cleaned every one of them. Only later did they find out they could have sold some and at least made some gas money…. I laughed. At least he was honest…

Setting The Trip Wire

Setting the trip wire on a permanent hog trap is pretty easy. Just take a cable from the hog trapfron to a post at the back of the trap and dig a “bait hole” like the one shown below and you’re done.

permanent hog trap
The idea is that the hogs will root the hole out and trip the wire and close the hog trap front.

You want to locate this at the back of the trap to give as many hogs as you can time to enter the trap before it is “tripped”

Routing the trip wire like this will allow the hogs plenty of time to enter the trap and stay in the area while one or two work on the bait with the trip wire over it.

This method works really well. Try your own set up and send us pictures of it so we can share it with others.

Be sure to check out the forum for more great information on permanent hog traps and hog trapfronts. There’s a ton of information there!