Quick & Easy Hog Hunting

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Quick & Easy Hog Hunt


I can tell you that one of the easiest set ups I have done for hunting hogs is with a post hole digger. Yes. We’ve all heard the stories about setting up one of these, but let me tell you. They work. And they work well!

I have the opinion that hunters, and people in general tend to take things they are passionate about and “over do” them to the point that they get complicated. Hog hunting isn’t like that. It can be, but you should always keep the “basics” in mind.

Get yourself a bag of corn, a post hole digger and a game camera. Head down to the most obvious place you “KNOW” there are hogs. Find a good, heavily traveled trail and set it up.

Usually the trail (like deer) will lead to or from bedding or feeding areas. On my most recent little set the trails I set up on lead to and from bedding areas, and watering holes. Water this time of year where I am is a little scarce so these are safe bet areas.

I dug two 20″ deep holes in the soft sand and set my game camera on them. It took a few days but boy was I surprised when I had a bruiser start coming into the set. And he was REGULAR too!

A set of post hole diggers, 1/2 bag of corn, jello packet (here), and a game camera and I had unlocked a whole new area to hunt. We drive by this place all the time on the gravel road, and every time I do, I tell my son….there’s hogs in there. I know it. Just look at all the sign….

This ended up a great set up for my son Nate. We cleared out this 300# boar and now I’m working on the rest of the sounder one by one.

You can get details on this style of hunting and many other in the forums.