Ready Set Hunt

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Ready Set Hunt

Well, I think Spring is pretty much here to stay finally. Just this week it has stayed comfortably warm enough that I know the hogs at my place should be thinking about hitting the watering holes regularly.

Rifle LightLet me tell you, that doesn’t hurt my feelings one bit. Don’t get me wrong, I love to hunt. I love extreme hunting. But as I get a little older I’ve discovered that I like “comfortable” hunting too.

So, I like this time of year when the rain slows down just a little and the weather gets a little warmer and the hogs are not able to get food and drink wherever they desire.

I filled the feeders at our place a couple of weeks ago and set up my .50 Beowulf with the new Rifle LiteTM from BowLite Archery Products, Makers of The BowLiteTM.

I chose GREEN because I like the fact that it is very easy to see through my scope and the red reticle in my Leupold XV-III looks juuuust right in it. Let me tell you, there’s no problem using the Rifle LiteTM at distances of 100+ yards. And the price is VERY agreeable with my budget.

I also set up a new Moultrie Game camera this season that uses the cellular uplink to upload pictures to Moultrie’s online Game Management System. I’m not a big fan of Moultrie Game Cameras and people that know me well, know this. The reason I chose this system was I wanted “a” system like this and I thought it was the lesser of all of the evils with a “reasonable” (relative term) price. Overall, I like the new game camera system.

Using the uploaded data, within a week and a half I was able to take this 245lb trophy boar with my .50 Beowulf and my new Rifle Lite.

70 yards just after dark….right behind the ear.. NO PROBLEM….