Texas Hog Hunting

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Texas hog hunting tips and tricks for today’s hog hunters!

Texas hog hunting is very challenging and rewarding. There are many ways to go about it. You can hunt hogs from a blind, and hunt them from a tree stand. You can even hunt hogs with dogs if that’s what you like to do.Texas Hog Hunting

Hog hunting at night is very popular in Texas. To do this you’re going to need a good feeder light. A high quality hog light will help you harvest hogs when its pitch dark. When you’re ready, you can even build your own hog hunting lights.

Another key to having as much hog hunting fun as you can stand is to find frustrated land owners. Many landowners in Texas will give you permission to hunt or trap hogs on their property in order to eradicate them.

Texas has a real problem with hogs. For years people would trap hogs and relocate them to other ranches in order to “stock” them. Hogs will range up to a couple of miles. They’re smart. When pressured (hunted) on a property you might not see them for quite a while. When you do they’ve got 20-30 babies in tow!

Recently Texas Parks And Wildlife has passed laws limiting the transport and release of hogs on another property. They have done this in order to restrict the population growth. Texas hog hunting can be done year round. There is no “season” on them and they do not have a bag limit. It is recommended that you have a valid Texas Hunting License, but not required to hunt hogs in Texas.

Hog Hunting With Soured Corn

Texas hog hunting can also be done over baited areas. Soured corn is a very popular bait to use when hog hunting.
Hog Hunt with sour corn
To sour corn all you need is a 5 gallon bucket (no holes in it) with a lid, 2-24 oz beers, 1/2 bag of corn and some water

Pour the corn in the bucket, fill the bucket 1/2 way with water, then add the 2-24 oz beers to the mix. Top off the bucket with water and put the lid on it. Seal it tight! Then just leave the bucket in the sun and heat for 5-7 days.

That’s it. Just don’t get too tempted to take the lid off BEFORE you take it to the ranch. Trust me. IT STINKS! Just pour this soured corn mix in your favorite hog spot, or dig a hole with post hole diggers and put it in the hole and you’re done. If there are hogs on your property they WILL find this! In Texas hog hunting over soured corn works really, really well.

Warning: Don’t get this stuff on you. Soap won’t get rid of the stink!!

Hog Feeders

For hog hunting feeders you can use a couple of different types of corn feeders. A traditional barrel feeder works well because most hog hunters also like to hunt deer. So, it becomes a multi purpose tool in your hunting arsenal.hog feeder

Another type of Texas hog hunting feeder is a pig pipe feeder. What is a pig pipe? It’s a piece of 4″ PVC pipe with holes in it and a chain to attach it to a t-post that you put in the ground. The hogs will kick the pipe around and knock the corn out of it.

Pig pipes are great for Texas hog hunting because the hogs start feeding at the feeder and you can usually hear them from some distance. This way you know before you get to the feeder if the hogs are there or not.

Smaller versions work well in hog traps too. Just chain it to the back near the trip mechanism and let the hogs get themselves in a bind.

Another popular method for Texas hog hunting feeders is to dig a post hole about 3′ deep and fill it with corn a little ways then some dirt ontop of that. Repeat until the hole is filled in. The idea behind this is that the hogs will have to basically work one at a time to get at the corn and this will hold them over the bait for a longer period of time.

Transporting Hogs In Texas

When you start trapping hogs you will need to have a way to get them out of the trap. It sounds really cool to trap 50-60 hogs a year, but what do you do with them?

getter trailer hogsIf you’re like me you don’t have enough freezer space, and all of your friends’ freezers are full because they love Texas hog hunting as much as you do. So, in order to get them off the property you are going to need a hog trailer.

BEFORE you transport your hogs in Texas you are going to know what the laws are for this. In Texas the law is 1) You can trasnport them home for slaughter or 2) to a TAHC holding facility for holding and then slaughter. You can get some more information on tranporting hogs in Texas if this is what you need to do in your situation.

Hog Getter Trailers

What is a Getter Trailer? That’s any trailer that has been modified for the purpose of getting your hogs from your traps and transporting them somewhere else. In Texas hog hunting trailers are a popular item.

They all usually have the same basic characteristics. They are low to the ground for easy loading and unloading of the hogs from the traps. They usually have some method to separate the hogs from front to back when you already have a full load of hogs. And alot of the time they have pivoting axles to drop the bottom of the trailer to the ground to make loading at the trap MUCH easier.

Hog trailers also are built to make the trip from the trap to camp to be hooked up to your truck and then hauled to the TAHC holding facility for sale. You can get more Texas hog hunting information here.