Wild Hog Hunting Texas Style

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Wild hog hunting Texas style can be a ton of fun. This is something we can do year ’round here in Texas and the kids will love it.

One of the biggest mistakes new hog hunters make is trying to hunt hogs like they do deer. This is okay, but deer hunting is much different and the same things just don’t apply to hogs. There are some really basic rules of thumb you can use when wild hog hunting Texas hogs. Here’s a couple of tricks I’ve learned.

Baby hog tracks

Track ’em down. Don’t follow them all the way into the bush, but pay attention to where they come from and where they’re going. When a sow has piglets alot of things change. Quickly. The sow now becomes the servant to the piglets. They are in charge of when and WHERE the family is going to eat. If there are baby pigs leading the way they will get that sow into the feeder quickly. The sow can’t keep up with their demand and is looking to make them happy as quickly as possible. In addition to this momma needs more nutrients. She’ll want to get in there to gobble up as much corn as possible to make up for the added stress from birth and feeding. So….look for baby hog tracks. You’re gonna hit the jack-pot soon.

Take some kool aid with you to the lease

That’s right. A good little trick is to pour kool aid packets into the water at an active hog wallow you are using. This will keep hogs coming back to the spot for some time when you are wild hog hunting Texas style. Flavors? Strawberry works great.

Get some telephone poles for your feeder

Huh? Yeah, I know. Hogs like to rub against trees and posts to help rid themselves of lice and other bugs. Take an old telephone pole (or post) and cut it about 3′ long and bury it 1′ deep in the ground around your feeder. Put some special ingredient on it and watch ’em rub it up and down. I’ve got pictures on my posts. They’re laying on the ground. Hogs rubbed ’em till they dug ’em up. This is a great way to set up a spot with NO BAIT depending on your state laws.

Save your used fish oil

Alot of hunters use motor oil and pour it on trees or posts for the hogs to rub on. Just save your used fish oil and pour that down or mix it in with your corn. The hogs will go nuts over it and you’ll bag that beast in no time.


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