Wild Hog Hunting

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Tips & Tricks For Wild Hog Hunting

There are many tips and tricks you can use when wild hog hunting. There is also alot of nonsense that retailers would like you to believe.

Its been my experience that the more simple you keep it, the better you will do. Just remember that before you were on the property, the piggys were doing just fine. Fat and happy. If you make every effort to keep it that way, you will put a real dent in their population in no time.

Wild hog hunting can be a ton of fun and adventure when you get good at it. Until then you will be frustrated and likely ready to give up. Even after you get good at it, there will be times when you have done such a good job with your wild hogs that you won’t have many targets to shoot at on your place.

You shouldn’t look at this situation like you’re in a rut. Instead you should take this as being successful at what you do. By then you will be hooked on hunting hogs for sure, but don’t be discouraged. It’s worth it in the long run.

Using Attractants For Wild Hogs

The first tip I can give you is to use a good, high quality attractant.Wild Hog Hunting An attractant is important in hog hunting if you want them to return to the scene of the crime. Check your local game laws to make sure you can use one.

Typically states that do not allow “Baiting” will allow an attractant to be used for wild hog hunting. There are a multitude of attractants on the market today. Finding the right one is usually a matter of trial and error. When you do, stick to it and find new ways to use it before the hogs get too wise to what you’re doing.

I can tell you this, when looking for one do not buy one with salt in it. Why? Pigs don’t sweat. Salt is no good for them. My favorite attractant is any mixture that smells bad and has a thickness to it when applying it. Alot of the time you can set your traps using only a good attractant.

Don’t be fooled by people or forums pushing attractants like Black Gold. This stuff is really nothing more than cracked corn that is soured and mixed with maple and other syrup products. They work diligently to to keep this a secret, because corn is a BAIT, not an attractant. The owners of most of the “companies” are also VERY well aware of the general public’s lack of knowledge on the subject of hog hunting and try constantly to take advantage of it.

Any forum that over promotes a product or censors its member’s responses on these types of things is not there to help you. I’m tellin you right now. It will only be a matter of time before you are ban for some crazy little comment you made, that you didn’t realize was offensive in anyway.

Attractants are a great place to start when you can’t use bait. Just keep in mind there is NO magic solution….no matter what people try to say.

Shot Placement For Wild Hog Hunting

Don’t try to shoot a hog like a deer. Wild hog hunting is different because the vitals are not located in the same spots as a deer. Most shots are taken with a rifle well under 100 yds.

wild hog hunting The stand my kids and I hunt out of is 54 yards to the feeder. If you have hogs that spook easy or are under heavy hunting pressure, you’ll need to adjust for this too. Most of the time your shots should be in the 40-75yd range.

Shot placement should be in the shoulder, or forward of the shoulder. If you shoot them like a deer (behind the shoulder) you will be lucky to lung them. Then the chase is on.

Killing an animal you don’t recover feels terrible.

Place your shot either on the shoulder or slightly in front of the should if you feel more comfortable with a broadside shot. Otherwise you need to try to shoot them in the ear. This works hands down and drops them where they stand.

If you’re hunting at night you really need to make sure you get a high quality feeder light for hunting with a rifle. If you’re hunting with a bow, make sure you get a high quality bow hunting lights.

Game Camera Reviews

Okay, I’ve tried a ton of different game cameras and there are a few that are nothing but trouble. There’s nothing worse than setting up your game camera and showing up two weeks later to find out you have 2 pictures on the freaking thing!

Set up a good quality game camera. Again, there are all kinds on the market. If you feel comfortable that it won’t get stolen (there are kits to help prevent this) the drop the money on it. You won’t regret it.

You need to pattern the hogs you are hunting. It’s not guaranteed that they will be there at the same time every day, but when its a 2hr drive to the lease, it sure makes you feel better about getting up at 4:30am and putting up with your grouchy wife as you head out the door with all your junk.

The other thing that a game camera will do is bring a whole other level of interest and excitement. Especially if you are doing this with your kids. They will go nuts with the hog pictures, deer, raccoons. Its great. trust me.

Here’s a few of my favorite game cameras that I have used and I can tell you work. Just set it up and leave it…..