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Hog Hunting Tips & Tricks

      Hog hunting can be very challenging and rewarding. Learning how to track them, learn their patterns and anticipate where the hogs are going to be before they are there can be extremely tough.

Hog Hunting Tips

Hunting hogs is even more fun when you are successful. There are alot of things to consider when setting up for Texas boar hunting. Setting up for hogs is pretty easy when you know what to do.

In Texas we can hunt hogs (or feral pigs) year round. There is no bag limit on them and you can hunt them at night too. One popular method of hog hunting in Texas is to hunt them under deer feeders with special lights.

There are several types of hog feeders you can set up, but the lights are the most important. Whatever kind of feeder light (hog hunting light) you use, you want to be sure it won’t spook the game.

Another efficient way of hunting hogs is to actually build a hog trap and trap them. A good trapper can trap as many as 80 hogs a year from the same property when they learn what the hogs want. When you get really good at it you can trap more than one hog at a time with a good trap.

Hog Trap Designs:: Hog Trap Plans

Hog Trap Plans

Trapping hogs is alot of fun. Learning how to build your own hog trap can be very rewarding. Setting up your hog trap can be challenging, too.

When you trap your hogs you will then need a hog getter trailer to get them out of the trap and headed to where you want them to go.

You can find plenty of information on hog trap plans, trapping tricks and tips, and other resources for building and using your own hog traps.

Learn everything you want to know about building hog traps. I have real hog trap plans with full detail and high quality pictures.

Step by step instructions detail everything for you so you can learn how to build your own hog traps.

Bow Hunting Lights For Hogs

With the advances in technology today, there are some REALLY good products on the market if you like to hunt at night with your bow. Using high powered LED’s Bow Hunting Lights Hogscompanies are able to produce lights that are extremely bright, durable, and productive when hog hunting with your bow at night.

Using a bow to hunt hogs with a light is the “next” step if you are an extreme bow hunter looking for the edge on your game. It takes good timing, and persistance to be in your stand in the middle of the night when your opponent wanders in to the feed station, but take it from me… it’s worth it!

Portability, and ease of use have really come a very long way when it comes to bow hunting lights. These lights are light, durable, and best of all…… they work GREAT! Using them is not difficult and the hogs don’t even know you’re there! These bow hunting lights will really give you the edge when hunting spooky, or difficult animals that don’t want to cooperate. Different options give the tactical bow hunter all of the tools he need in the field.

We’ve got the run down on what it takes for setting up your bow or crossbow with a light for hunting hogs at night here.

Rifle Lights For Hunting Hogs At Night

The advances in lighting technology are not restricted to archery hunting equipment. Today there are lights on the market that will mount to your scope, barrel, stock, or Rifle lightspicatinny rail. Some of these lights are rated for 250yds. Now, that’s a long way during the day. At night that’s crazy!

These lights work really, really well. My kids use them in the blind with no problems. And, there’s no need for a $500 scope so you can see better in the low light conditions. For the price it costs to add a tactical light to your rifle for hunting hogs, it’s well worth it just for the portability of it all.

Stationary feeder lights work really well for hunting hogs, but nothing can really compare to the portability of a good bow or rifle light. The light you see to the left is a 250yd light designed to cast the green or red light down rage far enough to take a great shot on your game when hunting at night.

Just mount a rifle light like this to your rifle and you’re good to go. There are some tips and tricks you might want to know when setting up your rifle and you can get them at the link below.

I go through and detail setting up your rifle with a light for hunting hogs at night here.

Feeder Lights For Hunting Hogs At NightFeeder Lights For Hog Hunting

Night hunting hogs is very productive because they are primarily nocturnal. Using a high quality hog feeder light when boar hunting will significantly increase your chances for taking a trophy boar.

Hog hunting lights will change the way you hunt hogs! Using hog hunting lights will make a huge difference in the number of hogs you harvest. Hog lights usually come in either red or white lighs and run on 12vdc batteries.

You can install solar panels to keep the batteries charged and a photocell switch that will automatically turn the lights on at dark and off at dawn.

Using a feeder light will greatly increase your odds of making a good shot on a decent hog from just about any distance you are considering hog hunting from. Many people mount them on t posts, or on their blinds and can hunt from as much as a hundred yards away without having to worry about spooking their game.

I’ve detailed some of the pros and cons of using feeder lights for hunting hogs here for you.